Ru Si Dad Ton (The Hermit’s Art of Controlling Thai Traditional Medicine)

Ru Si is ascetics
Dad Ton is action as twisting exercise

Ru Si Dad Ton is a kind of exercise based on body twisting along with the respiration exercise together with some massage in some patterns. Body twisting or blending is an important part of the rehabilitation which is one of the four components medical services in Thailand and other countries.

Self-exercise following the ascetics’ patterns consists of many practices that stimulate all the movement organs, from head to toes. If the exercises are practiced properly and regularly, the blood circulation in those muscles will be better include all the joints will be able to move easily and efficiently.

The respiration exercise will develop the muscles and diaphragm when practicing the inhale and exhale during those positions. Normally, deep respiration is a way to get healthy for oxygen in the air will be absorbed into the blood vessels and passed through the lungs to support every part of the body, at the same them eliminate the waste, the carbon dioxide, from the body more efficiently, So the respiration system with regular exercises will supply oxygen to every organs of the body and bring out full capacity.

Massaging helps in blood and respiration circulating system in the pained and nearby areas especially helps relaxing and releasing the stiff muscles, releasing the pain, anxiety and strain as well.

Ru Si Dad Ton is origin science of Thailand by the meditation practitioner and exists in many hundred years.. We can explain the principal of therapeutic exercise for example stretching exercise and massage.

  1. Stretching exercise will improve the joints exercise habits which help relieve the muscular, tendon and relieve the pain as well.
  2. Massage will help elasticity of the blood vessel (vasodilatation) and make better blood circulation and relaxes the muscle.
  3. Holding respiratory is exercise and relaxation exercise.
  4. Many patterns are meditation.
  5. Ideal for athletes to warm up before exercise. It can protect the injure or pain after exercise.

In conclusion, the ascetics’ exercise is useful and worth practicing. It is good to life and suit Thai cultures and customs. If the exercises are practice regularly along with respiration system which is similar to Buddhist meditation, both physical and mental will be healthier. The important benefits will be the efficient joints movement, pain relief, smooth daily life, full capacity of absorbent and eliminating system, better health, better resistant to diseases, growing development, slow degeneration in the aged persons and qualitative long life.